What is aeration and why it improves my lawn?

Core Aeration is the process of poking holes and pulling plugs of soil from a lawn and is the key to developing a strong, healthy growing lawn. Aeration allows your lawn to get adequate air flow and water retention to the area that needs it most–the root system; by reducing the thatch layer and compaction of the soil caused by multiple scenarios, such as mowing, foot traffic, etc. Aeration also allows your lawn to not only breathe better, but allow fertilizer, water, seed, and other key nutrients to have the proper retention required for your lawn to grow. We have many years of experience working with high end aerators, from aerating greens on golf courses, fairways, and residential and commercial properties. With aerating, there is always the inherent risk of damaging an irrigation system, due to multiple reasons, such as poor installation, incorrect depth, and unmarked or unseen sprinkler heads. However, there is no need to worry, as we are experienced with irrigation system installations and repairs.

You can never poke too many holes in a lawn, which is why we offer SINGLE and DOUBLE aeration applications. We always recommend double applications to ensure complete coverage and maximum intake of nutrients.