About Us

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Running our business we seek to establish a source for organic and sustainable lawn care. With our combined 15 years experience in the landscaping industry, our goal is to produce a high quality product while avoiding the use of harmful pesticides. By using organic products and methods, we are able to produce a high quality lawn without endangering the health of children or pets as well as the environment. We choose to focus on aeration because we have found it is the key to having a strong healthy lawn.

Who are we?


Mark’s interest in the turf industry began six years ago when he was hired as a grounds crew member at a local country club.   At the time, he was studying at UMass Dartmouth, and eventually earned his Business Management Degree in June 2014, with the goal in mind to someday own his own business.   At Stow Acres, he started off behind a basic homeowner’s push mower and a weed wacker, mowing around sand bunker surrounds.  His superintendent noticed he was eager to learn, and he allowed him to mow fairways on much larger equipment.  Every day he went out with the intention of sharpening his skills and wanted to learn more about what went into managing a 36 hole golf course, whether it was different types of mowing, fertilizing, irrigation, equipment maintenance, or management of time. After 3 seasons with Stow Acres, he moved on to Pine Brook Country Club in Weston, where he worked both as a part-time assistant mechanic and part-time grounds crew member. After leaving Pine Brook, his next decision was to work for a turf and tree care company and stray away from the golf course scene. His new boss told him his story about how he started the company, and he became very intrigued by his success. Mark thoroughly enjoyed going out and seeing the improvements he was making on customer’s lawns by fertilizing/seeding/aerating.  Working alongside a longtime friend, he decided it was time to start their own business focusing on what they had learned from our prior experiences being in the turf industry.


Mathew Nixon grew up in Stow, Massachusetts. He began his career in the turf industry at the age of 15 at Stow Acres Country Club. There, he started on the grounds crew, raking bunkers, and quickly worked his way up to foreman. In this position, he managed a crew of 20 and ensured the course was well maintained and up to industry standards. As licensed spray technician, he was responsible for spraying chemicals to ensure the health of the course. At Stow Acres, he learned everything from how to manage a crew to the ins and outs of maintaining a 600 acre golf course. Matt remained in this position for 6 years before moving on to an established local lawn care company. He worked there for 2 years, quickly becoming a licensed Pesticide Applicator. As he quickly moved up the ranks, he realized this was something he could branch off and begin his own business focusing on aerations and sustainable lawn care. With the help of long-time coworker and friend, Mark Fratto, the two bring over 15 years of experience to Sustainable Lawn Care.